20 Pcs Dragon Egg Advanced Animated Material Pack

Animated advanced dragon egg Material Bundle. Whether you use it with animation or without animation. All control is in your hands. Moreover, bonus 10 pcs Dragon Egg Static Mesh Model is given as a gift.

UE: 5.3

Photoscan Rock Materials in 4K

7 Photogrammetry PBR Rock Materials in 4k

UE: 4.26

Fabric Materials K PBR Pack

Fabric Material Pack / 4 K Texture / 20 Pcs Material

UE: 4.26, 5.0
City Subway Tunnel

A Pack of 25 transparent and adjustable Graffiti Decals

UE: 4.27
Landscape Ground Pack

Pack contains 105, seamless high quality PBR ground textures (albedo, normal, displacment, occlusion, roughness at albedo alpha channel). This perfect tilled textures are usefull for every ground shader. High resolution 2048x2048 guarantee good quality.

UE: 4.26

SkyBox Lonely Space

8 colorful skybox for your space game

UE: 4.27

SHADERSOURCE Tropical Ocean Tool

Water shader with crashing waves around islands and underwater effects

UE: 4.27

Volumetric Glass

Advanced feature-rich material of glass combined with volumetric effects.

UE: 4.27, 5.0

Customizable Grid

Customizable Grid is a highly customizable material designed to do fast grids materials.

UE: 4.26

Cel Toon Outline Post Process Material

Transform any scene to a cel toon shader style with outlines and cel color transition. For Windows PC.

UE: 4.27

Spherical Shader

Spherical Shader uses a material function which plugs into the World Position Offsets of materials to create the illusion that levels are round and spherical.

UE: 4.26

Space Skybox Collection Bundle

A collection of 15 space skyboxes from 3 previous asset packs. Save 20% with single purchase.

UE: 4.26, 5.1

Warning Sign Decal Package AI SOURCES

Warning Sign Decal Package / AI SOURCES

UE: 5.1

Path Tracing Glass Shader

A Glass Material Shader built with Path Tracing in mind. Utilizing Unreal's accurate Path Tracer for quality Reflections, Refractions and Translucency. Perfect for creating custom realistic glass.

UE: 5.1

Advanced Scan System

High quality customizable scan function for your game.

UE: 5.1

Futuristic Screen Material with Screen Props Pack

60 Futuristic Screen Material with Screen Props Pack / AI SOURCE

UE: 4.27

Waterline PRO

Waterline Effect with Displaced Waves, FFT Ocean and Shallow Water Simulation

UE: 5.0, 5.1

Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator

Volumetric Space Nebula Procedural Generator designed for next-gen space games. It uses volumetric shader to render realistic scenes in real-time.

UE: 4.27, 5.0

Holographic Display

Holographic Display package provides an easy way to create high-detailed closeup look with noise, glitch animations and pseudo-volumetric hologram effect for in-game displays using single texture or 3D UI widgets.

UE: 4.27

Cartoon Sky Shader

Cartoon Sky Shader with 2D clouds and day-night cycle

UE: 5.0

Fantastical Resource Shader

Fantastical Resource Shader (FRS) can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as --- Diablo styled resource orbs, potions, magical shielding, spell effects, and much more.

UE: 5.0