Ultimate Game Music Collection

Music For Any Game : More than 200 professional game music tracks in a variety of genres

UE: 4.27

Heavy Riffs Full Collection

Dynamic, powerful, energetic themes with heavy and hard rock riffs

UE: 4.26

Action Game Soundtrack

Music for action/tension games, films, trailers!

UE: 4.26


UE: 4.27
Pixel Platformer Music Pack

Pack includes 5 music tracks with variations! Also comes with 23 SFXs, excluding variations. Jump, attack, shooting, collect item sounds and more, all the basic sounds you need to kickstart your game!

UE: 4.27

Orchestral Win and Lose Stingers

A collection of short orchestral fanfares, perfect for win and lose situations, end levels, finisher, success, failures, bonus, etc. There is also a big "Ta Da" sound, in two variations (normal and dissonant) and two rising orchestral "clusters".

UE: 4.27

Misty Music

11 Misty and ambient tracks ranging from eerie and haunting to somewhat creepy and disturbing. Good for horror and mystery.

UE: 4.27

Farm Music Pack

For fun, relaxing and upbeat country music, 6 stingers and 1 jingle! Suitable for all types of farming games!

UE: 4.27

Electronic Music Pack

32 EDM tracks in different styles of high quality from V.G. also known under the pseudonym Betelgeuze, which are suitable for a variety of projects, from vigorous action games, to calm and relaxing visual novels.

UE: 4.27

Fantasy Music Pack Chapter

Fantasy Music Pack - Chapter 1 is a collection of songs suitable for fantasy or medieval RPG games.

UE: 4.26

Mega Game Music Collection

Huge library of High Quality music! 8 GB, 250+ different tracks!

UE: 4.26, 5.0

Energy Hard Rock Music Pack

Dynamic Heavy and Powerful Hard Rock Tracks!

UE: 4.26

Themed Game Music Loops

Hand curated, all original music loops, specifically composed and designed for today’s in-game play, loading and lobby music, transition, incidental cues and sequences.

UE: 4.26

Apocalyptic Music Vol II

The Apocalyptic Music Vol. II pack focuses on dark music produced to accompany scary journeys through deeply unsettling wastelands where very few would dare to venture.

UE: 4.27

Real Rock Music Pack

Powerful, aggressive, dynamic, heavy, action music

UE: 4.26

Rock Music Pack

Various rock songs that loop seamless

UE: 4.26

Vaporwave Synthwave Music Pack

Delve into a futuristic neon-filled dystopian world with these 5 Vaporwave Synthwave music tracks. The catchy beats and memorable melodies will make you wobble your head to the beat and hit you in the feels.

UE: 4.26

Ghost of Asia

Immerse yourself in the rich and vibrant sounds of the East with this Asian music pack.

UE: 5.1

Angel of War

Cinematic Epic Music Trailers

UE: 5.0

Combat Music Collection

A collection of high quality cinematic game music for use in adventure and combat themed games.

UE: 4.27

Modern Action Rock Music Pack

Dynamic, powerful, energetic themes with heavy and hard rock riffs.

UE: 4.27