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Succubus Lucia

3D model of cute Succubus Lucia. She has ARKit blendshapes, Epic Skeleton rig, many color options. She will be a perfect character for a fantasy or dress-up game.

UE: 4.27

Horror Busts

Here you find four horror bust models and three parts for pedestal constructing.

UE: 4.27

Physics Based Destructible Vehicle Trailer

Meticulously detailed, this hero-quality physics based destructible trailer will bring a new level of interaction to your game. Includes custom collision for maximum performance.

UE: 4.27
Stylized Azure Hillside

Stylized Azure Hillside - UE5 with 93 Assets.

UE: 5.1
Palisade Walls and Barriers v1

Collection of 12 generic palisade walls and barriers. All materials are tiled/seamless, so you can apply any of your own (or quixel) tiled materials to get unique result. Prepared for AAA third/first-person exploring or top-down view.

UE: 5.1


Horror monster character

UE: 5.1

FPS Animation Blueprint v2

An advanced True First Person Shooter template

UE: 5.1

Luggage Pack

Luggage Pack - 15 PBR Assets

UE: 4.27

Cinemotion Real Handheld Camera Motion Kit

Created from real camera motion, CineMotion is a library of virtual production camera clips to quickly add realism to UE4 sequences. From subtle idle layers to wild roaming motion, pans, reveals and more.

UE: 5.1