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Rocks of Ireland - 3D Scanned, + Grass, Landscape Mat

Rocks of Ireland Vol. 1 - 3D Scanned Rock Meshes, Grass Meshes, Custom Wind Shader, Mesh Blending Function, Landscape Material, and Bonus Props.

UE: 4.27

Ultimate Multiplayer FPS Framework

Blueprint Exposed, Multiplayer Ready, FPS Framework. The V2 of the plugin is for Engine Versions 5.3 and Newer

UE: 5.0

Low Poly Shooter Pack v5.0

Advanced shooter pack with a cool low poly style and a focus on polished mechanics and high-quality animations. Built to be used as a starting point for your game projects, for prototyping or for learning!

UE: 5.0
Dragon.IK - Universal IK System

An All-in-One plugin tool for easily creating IK for animals and humans

UE: 5.1
Drivable Cars: 4x4 Off Road Four Wheel Drive Car

GTA style off-road 4 wheel drive car, including 4 LOD levels. Compatible with Advanced Pack

UE: 5.1

Flying Cars (Vol 3)

Do you want Flying/Hover Vehicles for your Sci-Fi games? This asset includes fully drivable 7 unique flying/hover Cars! Realistic and interactive Control with high resolution textures

UE: 5.2

Realistic Blood VFX - Niagara Blood Effects

28 Versatile Niagara Blood systems and 22 Decals/Dynamic Decals - Game Ready And Ready To Be Used Out Of The Box! (Blood Effects, Blood VFX, Blood, Bloody, Gore, Particles, Blood Particles, Blood Particle, Blood splatter)

UE: 5.1

Open World Locomotion System

OWL is an advanced network-replicated locomotion system that allows you to climb anything you want, even a moving object, glide through the air and traverse your game world with ease.

UE: 4.27, 5.0, 5.1

Photoscanned Trash Vol. 1 by Unimodels

Photoscanned Trash for realistic enviroments (Mobile Ready)

UE: 4.27

Military Trailer - M100

This M100 military trailer comes with a hitchable blueprint demonstration, skeleton and physics asset so you can quickly add functional trailers to your game!

UE: 4.25

Modular sci-fi Environment A

Modular SciFi Series' engineering collection part A. This product include high-quality Modular models of the Sci-Fi Environment.

UE: 4.26

Menu System Pro by Moonville V2

The best menu system on the marketplace, with all the features a AAA Game usually offers. The Main Menu, Ingame Menu, Settings Manager, Savegame Manager are all easy to use and customize. This is the perfect base for any type of project. (1000+ Sales)

UE: 5.1

Low Poly Shooter Pack v4.0

Advanced shooter pack with a cool low poly style and a focus on polished mechanics and high-quality animations. Built to be used as a starting point for your game projects, for prototyping or for learning!

UE: 4.27, 5.1

1900s Office

1900’s Office Environment with 109 Unique Meshes

UE: 4.27

Third Person Template [Remastered] v4 Alpha

An enhanced Third Person template, made simple for your convenience. Leap into a professionally made template for Third Person games, and gain full access to properly configured Smooth animations, Menus and more! Currently Single Player only. [100%BP]

UE: 5.2

Survival Game Kit V1

An easy to use highly customizable game template with advanced features. Designed from the ground up for multiplayer.

UE: 5.1

Sci-fi Character 1 low-poly

Perfect for games, such as Survival, RPG. rendering, advertising.

UE: 4.27

Sci Fi Robot Character Pack

Sci-Fi Robot Character Pack

UE: 4.26

Stylescape Stylized Environment Kit

Stylized environment kit featuring a lightweight landscape auto material, customizable water actor blueprint, and a variety of optimized nature assets.

UE: 5.1

Character Body FX Vol. 1

Selection of Niagara effects that attach to characters

UE: 5.1

Hyper Inventory System V2

The most advanced inventory system available. Includes crafting, vendors, lootchests, profesional UI, Pickups and over 250 items.

UE: 5.1