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Texture Resize SC | Code Plugins

  • Provides in editor resizing of texture files. Light weight, simple to use, and works.
  • To use enable the plugin and then in a content browser window select then right click any texture file(s) , select "scripted actions" and then select the power of 2 texture size to change the file(s) to. If you do not like the results you can reload the file from disk in the right click menu or in UE 5 you can use Undo (ctrl + z). If you're happy with the results save the assets and you're done.
  • Video Demonstration : YouTube

Technical Details


  • ¬†Right click any texture or combination of textures to resize the file to any power of 2 size from 16 to 8192

This is an editor only plugin and contains no content that is intended to be packaged with a project.

Code Modules: TextureResizeSC (editor)

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