DynoFoliage | Blueprints
DynoFoliage | Blueprints
DynoFoliage | Blueprints
DynoFoliage | Blueprints
DynoFoliage | Blueprints DynoFoliage | Blueprints DynoFoliage | Blueprints DynoFoliage | Blueprints

Get your foliage to react!

This set of blueprints will enable you to turn any painted foliage into a physically reactive object - with minimal work.

The blueprints are optimized for performance, allowing for the immediate area around ANY item implementing the Replace Component to automatically change any instanced foliage into a fully dynamic and reactive one.

The Content Example map will show you a basic implementation on 3 different aspect of game-play:

  1. A character Blueprint
  2. An actor Blueprint, such as a ball.
  3. A thrown projectile. (right click to fire).

When coupled to custom collision types this Blueprint system allows for complete control and high performance.

Setup and explanation video


Additionally, the system now includes in-depth Interactivity examples. The same Drag/Drop component style has been used for easy implementation. You can pick up plants, remove them from the landscape, or change them with a custom mesh when the player interacts.

How To on how to set things up: https://youtu.be/OCV3VBjYAC8

Technical Details

This product includes:

  • 4 Foliage SM, 4 Fence Post SM, 4 Foliage SKM+Phat, 1 Scabbard SKM+Phat, 1 Knife SM
  • BPC_FoliageManager, A BP - add to the foliage as a child actor.
  • BPC_FoliageReplace, A Component BP - add to the character and set up.
  • BPC_CharacterInteraction, A Component - add to your characters to enable interaction.
  • BPC_Interactor, A BP to be added to blueprints as a child-actor, Enables interaction.
  • BPI_CharacterInteraction, A BP Interface to integrate character interaction events.
  • BPI_FoliageInteraction, A BP interface to integrate foliage interaction vents.
  • BP_button, A sample of how to convert the PBC_Interactor to work directly onto a blueprint.
  • BP_Test_Projectile and BP_TestBall, Sample objects implementing the dynamic system.
  • BPI_WidgetInterface, Interface pass data to widget.
  • ThirdPersonCharacter, A modified version of the 3rd person mannequin blueprint - Includes minimal interaction code that needs to be copied to other characters to allow for picking up / interacting with foliage.
  • ThirdPerson_AnimBP, A modified Animation blueprint showcasing how to use Notifies to interact with foliage. And basic hand IK placement (uses FABRIK nodes + IK bones).
  • 3 Animation+Montages - M_Cut_Plant, M_PickUp, M_PushButton. Made with BoneBreaker.
  • M_A+MasterFoliage, a master material for foliage, with wind nodes.
  • Minimal Quit Game menu.

Number of Blueprints: 15+level BP

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Any

Windows: Yes

Mac: Yes

Documentation: http://mosthostla.com/gamedev/dynofoliage/